You have big questions that require precise answers. Mypharma Thinktank is a highly integrated collection of databases which can be used to support strategic decisions, business development, and clinical development.

Company Specifics

Our database tracks company names, country, ticker symbols, stock exchange details, target industry, revenue, net income, research and development spending, and market capitalization.

Pharma & Biotech products

Mypharma Thinktank gives you product name, highest phase, phase status, active ingredient, mode of action, biological classification, therapeutic indication, Mechanism of Action, geographic marketing, approval history, regulatory filings, and partner companies.

Industry Deals

Our database seamlessly provides targeted details on deal status, source target, acquirer, partner, and deal value.

Regulatory Framework

We help you decipher the regulatory framework, showing records by product name, active ingredient, approval date, company name, and application type.

Patent Landscape

Patent information includes worldwide patent families, expiry dates, extensions, legal status, Invention details, Claims along with original patent documents.

Industry News

No more rabbit hole web searches. We present press releases, news and clippings on over 20,000 companies and more than 30,000 products.

Key Events

Key events are presented by product, date, country, category, application, phase, and therapeutic indication.