Eli Global’s myPharma Thinktank Debuts Sophisticated and Powerful New Intelligence Service

Innovative technology speeds access to critical R&D information

Eli Global today announced the launch of a new biotech and pharmaceutical insight firm, myPharma Thinktank.

myPharma Thinktank is a solutions and intelligence focused collection of integrated databases which provide real-time insight and information about biotech and pharma companies, products, clinical trials, partnerships, licensing opportunities, regulatory tracking, and patents. The information is seamlessly consolidated to facilitate quick and effective decision-making.

myPharma Thinktank boasts a team of more than 100 research professionals who provide insight on tens of thousands of global pharmaceutical and biotech organizations. Information is offered through an annual subscription or the purchase of individual modules and is aimed at biotech and pharma professionals, investors, and researchers. Information is presented in a revolutionary and easy-to-understand interface.

“While much of this pharma database information is already publicly available, no one is currently offering the breadth and complete coverage of biotech and pharma firms that we are,” says company Global Sales Leader Jeff Cazeault. “That is part of what is unique about myPharma Thinktank.”

Insight provided by myPharma Thinktank includes comprehensive coverage of drug and pharma companies, the full spectrum of drug pipelines, deal analysis, regulatory tracking of hundreds of thousands of patents, news, and events in the United States, Europe and globally. In-depth information of the pharmaceutical industry includes insight about the latest pharmaceutical products, joint ventures in the pharmaceutical industry, top mergers and acquisitions, and details on prominent pharmaceutical companies.

For example, coverage of companies includes a complete rundown of facilities, history, latest financial highlights, headquarters addresses, subsidiary firms and their addresses, firm status, and key personnel with contact information, biographical data, and photos.

Jeff said the tool was built so that biotech and pharma CEOs can utilize a powerful, easy-to-use database stocked with biotech and pharma industry news and information on products & patents.

“We listened to the marketplace and what we heard was that people were struggling to find comprehensive intelligence on the biotech and pharma industry,” Jeff said. “Based on those needs        we are going to the market with this revolutionary and cutting-edge intelligence tool.”

Further information and Free demos are available at www.mypharmathinktank.com

Eli Global, headquartered in Durham, N.C., is an international information and financial services company that acquires and invests in a spectrum of interests, including insurance and annuities, healthcare technology, and media. For more information on Eli Global, visit www.eliglobal.com

Released on October 27, 2016