Where are you going next year? Here are the biggest pharma conferences for 2017

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With mergers and acquisitions continuing to dominate the industry and a host of concerns over market progress and regulation in the wake of the 2016 US presidential election, 2017 is shaping up to be a year when industry execs come together to share insight and intelligence.

Starting with Biotech Showcase in San Francisco on Jan. 9, biotech and pharma conferences occur nearly weekly throughout 2017. And that’s just in the US.

While your inbox may be clogged with so many invitations it’s hard to know where to start, what is important is that you understand why these gigs should command your attention.

“If you want to advance, you want to network with the big fish who attend these meetings,” wrote Xconomy. “You want to be where the action is, and where it’s going.”

Items to consider when choosing where to go:

  • Will you learn something new?
  • How many people will there be?
  • Are there going to be movers there?
  • Can you make new connections?

Of course the other factors to consider are where the conference is, how hard it is to get to, and how much will it all cost. Luckily, there are conferences going on around the globe this year, from Santiago, Chile to Dubai.

The most-anticipated event of 2017 is also one of the first to take place – the 35th annual J. P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, which runs Jan. 9-13 in San Francisco, which brings together thousands of executives and investors from around the world as well as literally hundreds of receptions and associated special events.

Europe, too, has a full slate of biotech and pharma conferences, including the 11th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in the Pharma Industry, in Amsterdam Feb. 27-28, and the 10th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceuticals and Novel Drug Delivery Systems

in London on March 13-15. Another major UK event will be held in Manchester Feb. 21-22 – the 12th Annual Biomarkers Congress.

Returning stateside, the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology conference will be in Chicago this year June 2-6. BioAmerica 2017 will be in New York Oct. 19-20. Noble Financial’s 13th Annual Equity Conference will be in Fort Lauderdale Jan 29-30, and the 19th Annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference will be in New York Feb. 12-13.

Conference pros recommend going into a conference with focus and a game plan. Look particularly at how much time is set aside for peer discussions and roundtables, since that’s where you’ll make meaningful connections.

“Some advisors want a broad learning experience, while others seek a deep dive into a technical topic,” reports Investor’s Business Daily. “The best events satisfy both constituencies with a diverse mix of programs.”

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